Peony Flower

Purple Peony

Spring garden Daisy type. Round tip bud; flowers light purple (62B); flower diameter 16cm × 4cm. Petal rounds, hard, arranged in neat rows, end of pink and white, multi-tooth crack, base with purple spots; stamens normal; pistil 7 to 11, purple house coat. Pedicels hard, flowers straight. In flower varieties. Plant type high, erect. Sticks […]

Farewell To Spring (formerly: Lixin flowers) Court House Sub-station type. Bud round tip; flowers purple (61-C); flower diameter 17cm × 6cm. Spent outside the bottom flap 3 to 4, round and flat, base with deep purple halo, almost all the flap of the stamens, the prosthetic terminal residues have anther, pistil occasional flap valve into […]

Jin-hong Court House Sub-station type. Buds round and flat; flowers purple (73-A); flower diameter 15cm × 9cm. Below the flowers outside the flap 2, large and flat, base with deep purple halo, hard and within the flap folding. Close flap of stamens completely, the color purple pistil into flap valve; top petals small, slightly larger […]

Oolong rod Sheng Crown type. Bud flat circle; flowers deep purple (60-B), shiny; flower diameter 15cm × 5cm. 2 outside flap, wave music, base with purple ink spot; curled folds within the flap, near the heart by the Ministry of larger residual end of the anther; pistil flap valve into the white color. Pedicels slender, […]

Purple Hydrangea Crown type. Bud round tip; flowers purple; flower diameter 14cm × 7cm. 2 to 3 outer petals, is big, round, hard, base with dark purple halo; the small and curved flap wrinkles, tight end often residual anther; pistil or petals of smaller degradation. Pedicel short, straight flowers. In flower varieties. Dwarf plant type, […]

Zi Wei Crown type. Bud flat circle; flowers purple (74-C); flower diameter 12cm × 8cm. External valve 2, is big, hard, at the base with purple halo; the valve crushing, intensive wrinkle volume, end often residual anther; pistil degradation become smaller or disappear. Pedicel long, stiff, flowers side open. Late flowering varieties. Dwarf plant type, […]

Purple Red Ling Ill with type or lotus type. Bud round tip; color purple flowers (53 B); flower diameter 15cm. 2 to 3 petals, round run flat, pure color, inside and outside the line, with shiny; normal stamens; pistils normal room light purple clothing. Pedicels thick hard, slightly shorter, the flowers straight Weice; early blossoming. […]

Purple Peony, Fairview ball Court House Sub-station type. Bud round tip; flower deep purple 61-A), moist; flower diameter 15cm × 12cm. Below the flower petals 2 to 3 outside, large and hard, base with deep purple halo, inner flap curly, dense, slightly left-side flap anther, pistil flap valve into purple color; the top of the […]