Purple Peony1

Purple Peony—Spring garden

Spring garden
Daisy type. Round tip bud; flowers light purple (62B); flower diameter 16cm × 4cm. Petal rounds, hard, arranged in neat rows, end of pink and white, multi-tooth crack, base with purple spots; stamens normal; pistil 7 to 11, purple house coat. Pedicels hard, flowers straight. In flower varieties. Plant type high, erect. Sticks hard, slightly smaller, annual branch length, internode length also. Medium leaves, hard, total petiole length 15cm, Xieshen; leaflets oval or ovate-lanceolate, notch less side acuminate; the edge a little wave song, leaves rough, yellow-green, with purple halo. Strong growth potential, flowering rate, a single long flowering period, flower sun-resistant, Feng flowers, branches, small branches sprout. Heze the garden in 1994 bringing out.

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