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Black peony

Black Peony Peony Paeonia Ranunculaceae small deciduous shrubs, thirty kinds. Modern garden planted peonies are hybrids from the original evolution and peony. Peony colorful, elegant, known as Aromatic, is the king of flowers. Peony our people as human beings to peace, happiness, prosperity and wealth symbol. Peony is not only a high ornamental value, there […]

Black Dragon Round tip bud; flowers purple (187 a D), moist; flower diameter 16cm × 3cm. Petal texture, hard, black base with a purple halo; normal pistil, purple house coat. Pedicel is long and stiff. Early flowering varieties. Dwarf plant type, upright. Branches thick and hard, one year old branches short, internodes are short; bud […]

Black House Zhenghui: lotus type. Purple flowers (53 a B); flower diameter 16cm5cm. Petal end tooth fracture, quality of thin, normal pistil and stamen, stigma purple, dark purple room clothing, knot stronger. Smaller stalk, flower straight. Early blossoming. Dwarf plant type, half carried out. Hard smaller branches, annual short branches, nodes are short. Medium leaves, […]

Yanlong Violet: Crown type. Bud flat circle; flowers deep purple (60-B), shiny; flower diameter 15cm × 5cm. 2 outside flap, wave music, base with purple ink spot; curled folds within the flap, near the heart by the Ministry of larger residual end of the anther; pistil flap valve into the white color. Pedicels slender, flowers […]

Guan Shi Mo Yu: rose type. Bud round tip; flowers light purple ink 59-c); flower diameter 13cm × 4cm. Petals thick, hard mass, base with purple ink halo; stamens of some valve, pistil normal, but strong and weak. Stiff stalk, flowers, straight, in the later flowering varieties. Jurassic-type dwarf, upright. More stiff branches, annual branch […]

Black Peony story: a small number of Black Peony, easy to find. To be found in a large black peony Peony, Peony takes depends on those who have no “umbrella.” If you have a cover with a leaf peony peony, that the following may have black peony. As for why this is so, it had […]

22 May, 2011

2011 Dahlia New Products

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Gansu Dahlia flowers large colorful, straight line lever short, flower rich variety, hi light and warm climate, especially for large areas of north China’s Yangtze River plant, to planting, flower pot and placed landscaping can achieve the desired Effect of plant cutting grow roots mainly in spring. In recent years, the company make full use […]

Flowers treasures - Black Peony

Black peony, black peonies, peonies Flowers treasures – Black Peony In Peony family, there is a mysterious peony names black peony, at first it is not visible, will savor that she was the mysterious black beauty, “red, black, purple, black”, the thick black trace of petals Red, red, he also reveals a black and shining […]